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December 07, 2006


Soccer Dad

A lot of people are hammering Jamie. I think he's an arrogant jerk more often than not, but in this case, I think he's got burned by forces outside of his control. I expect the deal was 'that close' to being 100% finalized before things broke down. It's entirely likely that his sources WERE correct at the time but then things fell apart. I mean there are reports Klinsmann dumped adidas - that's huge and means they WERE going to hire him and do this thing. If true, I expect Jamie's sources were pretty much dead on and then things exploded so he's catching infinite grief because he appears wrong.

Hate him for his arrogant writing style and know it all demeanor, but I'm not sure he deserves all teh scorn he's getting in this case.

Lord I'm defending Trecker... the world as we know it must be coming to an end ;)

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